NOVA SRL, a company that was set up at the beginning of the '70s by the Nova family, boasts an experience of 40 years in the field of machine, system and installation manufacturing for the production of cables and wires. At the moment, the company has a staff of about 40 people dealing with designing, manufacturing, assembly, and commissioning activities, besides sales and post-sales support services.
Thanks to its technically and qualitatively trained staff, NOVA is capable of meeting your demands and proposing the best production solutions.

Production units

NOVA has two production units located in Correzzana e Lesmo, both province of Monza, about 25 km far from Milan, Italy.
Thanks to innovatory and forefront machinery, the Correzzana plant is organised for manufacturing and processing the mechanical parts that will be controlled and assembled at the Lesmo plant. The majority of the components, which are obtained by removal of stock and manufactured at the Correzzana unit, will be used during the following assembly phases.
The Lesmo plant includes the offices, system assembly and final inspection departments before shipment.

The engineering department makes use of modern CAD stations and 3D workstations for the development of new mechanical projects in addition to the research for improvements to be applied to the already manufactured machinery. Furthermore, NOVA's staff deals with the designing and the manufacturing of switchboards for the management of the systems.


Therefore, NOVA can fully meet your production needs by supplying:

  • pay-offs and take-ups of any type and class: braked, motor-driven, cantilever, portal, movable shoulders and rotating in backtwist;
  • double twist bunching machines;
  • single and double twist stranding machines;
  • rigid cage stranding machines and in backtwist;
  • tubular stranding machines;
  • stranding machines and wire-armouring machines, drum twister;
  • rewinding and packaging lines;
  • caterpillar;
  • taping heads.

NOVA's production has always been characterised by manufacturing quality, with the use of high-quality parts and components.

We are always at your disposal for any commercial and technical information you need; NOVA offers a comprehensive selection of products and asks you to forward an e-mail to request further information: we will be pleased to answer to your questions.